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Love is friendship set to music

Send my muse “We’re alone now, you could kiss me” for their reaction.

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The entire Mass Effect fandom is losing their shit.




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Your muse walks in on mine undressing. How does yours react?


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Send ” >3< ” for my muses reaction to yours kissing them in a moment of great excitement.



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Holy crap, okay. I’m tired and my brain is kinda not working anymore. I’ll try to kick the last few drafts out on this account, but no promises. I have one for gxston, one prompt sent by commanderglowstick and a ridiculously adorable fluff thread (that I was actually wanting to pause on for a little just until we get farther into the pre-ship stuff) for justtoliveoneday. To those I already replied to, hopefully everything is to your satisfaction!

EDIT: Apparently I am squishier than I thought I was cause I forgot to mention that I owe streetratmadexo here as well.

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Send me “Boop” for my muses reaction to yours randomly poking mine.

Garrus jumped and pulled away from Belle. “Hey, hey, hey, you’ll break a nail on my armour you keep that up.”

"ASDF!" Garrus covered his mouth and jumped away. "Okay, okay, you can stop now. There’s no need for poking."

A puckish grin split her lips and she continued her merciless assault. "I don’t understand, Garrus. Why is it that you want me to stop so badly?" She couldn’t help the measurably evil giggle that escaped her.



He walked in and sat next to her. “Keep your eyes closed, okay? Now, hold out your hands.”

Shooting him a skeptical look, she did as she was told. Hands held out, ready to catch something if need be. She was never truly certain what would happen with her mischievous friend.

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kissed (draft whAT DRAFTS)

41. Ankles

She wasn’t sure how he had managed to fall, him normally being so sure-footed, but the sight of him tripping made her heart stop. She leapt over the half-wall to land next to him on the ground. His large hands held his ankle. Moving slowly, she pulled his hands from the wounded area to take a look. No swelling so far and, when asked, he could move it. "You’ll be just fine." Having said that, she leaned down to place a light kiss to the tender area before pulling back to help him to his feet.

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Don’t ship with me unless you can handle it. Don’t come here expecting casual feelings. I ship hard. I will fuck you up with feelings. You don’t want that? Run along.

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She looked up from the textbook to find Garrus walking past her table. She quirked a brow at him and smirked as she ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it back into place. "Something I can help you with, Garrus?" The words were formal but laced with humor.

"Not particularly" Garrus replied, "I just really like your hair. I wanted to touch it" he chuckled, coming around and sitting next to her. "It’s been while. I saw you here and was wondering how you’ve been" he explained.

A chuckle left her lips and she scooted over to give him room at the table. "Well I suppose I can’t complain. While everything isn’t exactly perfect at the moment, when can one ever say it is? How about you, Garrus. How are you doing?"



Send me “Ruffle” For my muses reaction to your muse randomly coming up and running their fingers through mines hair.

Kaidan’s eyes widened as he stared at Belle. This had to be a figment of his imagination. He continued watching her in a mixture of shock and confusion s her fingers ran over her scalp. Why she was still doing it when the static from his implant was undoubtedly shocking her, he had no idea; however, after a few strokes he had to admit the feeling was nice. Closing his eyes, he let out a tiny sigh of content and let her continue. 

Her eyes went from his face to the movie they were watching to his hair in a circular, rather dizzying dance. She had always wondered what his hair would feel like, knowing that the biotic implant was what gave it it’s rather stylish flair. Reaching up unconsciously, she ran one hand through it. Tingles of static sparked over her skin, but she noticed they didn’t hurt. If anything they tickled. A tiny smile spread her lips as she brought the other hand up to follow it’s twin. It was only when she heard Kaiden sigh that she realized what she had been doing. Her hands paused in their rhythmic paths and she looked down to his face, noticing the calm, contended smile there. The sight of his smile made her own grow larger and she continued to let her fingers run through the jet black strands.

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dogs at once…"


A wide grin appeared on her lips at the other woman words, standing behind her amused as she watched the spectacle. “Clopin thought it would be a good idea to try and attach bits of meat to his costume to test it out for thanksgiving” she revealed with a laugh, eyes gleaming.


Belle brought a hand up to hold it over her mouth as she found herself laughing at the poor man. The dogs were giving good chase and he narrowly avoided having his hind quarters nipped every few seconds. "Well I suppose that is one way to leave an impression!”

This is Gonna Be Good

This is Gonna Be Good - my character learns your character is in fact alive after believing they were long dead.

The shimmer of freshly polished armor glinted from down the long hallway, pulling Belle’s attention from her shopping. Her head shot up to take in the sight of none other than Juliette Shepard, Hero of the Galaxy and Savior of the Citadel. She blinked once, twice, three times and shook her head to try to clear the phantom from her vision, but no, the woman remained. She was in profile, discussing some matter of business with a C-Sec officer.

Pulling herself out of her daze, she marched over to the woman. Just as the officer was turning to leave, Belle pulled on the shoulder of Shepard’s armor to turn the commander towards her. "Shepard! What happened to you? I don’t understand! We buried you two years ago! Where have you been?!”

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Coffee and Conversations//Milo + Belle


     Milo gave an understanding nod. Belle  really did love the stories. It was really sweet, he found. He spent most of his time reading scientific journals, but when he ever needed a fictional recommendation, he knew that she was the person to go to. “Afraid not. I’ve been doing nothing but Latin scripture translations lately for the church, and as important as that might sound, it’s not exciting at all.” 

She chuckled quietly. Always working on some larger than life project or another, that one was. A small smile on her lips she leaned into the tall counter, resting her elbows on the surface. "Now, don’t say that. I’m sure Latin can be extremely fascinating. It would just depend on the manuscript, I suppose."

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Her eyes snapped open quickly to see what was disturbing the sheets around her, once she recognized the familiar figure she cracked a small and sleepy smile. “What’s wrong, B? Want me to tell you a bedtime story?” she said with a chuckle, slowly and softly, her brain still on the edges of sleep. 

Belle crawled into bed alongside the woman she had come to call her sister. The couch hadn’t been as comfortable in the last 5 minutes than it had been when she fell asleep on it an hour before. Grumbling incoherently, she wiggled in between the sheets, curled into a small ball and fell back to sleep.

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